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A Delegate Situation

I often say, ‘If it can’t be explained with math or music it’s inexplicable. In the realm of politics, today’s politics, it’s assumed you “stroke the masses” in order to achieve the desired outcome. Folly! It’s the math. In football the fans in the bleachers are bent on the “score, score, score more…” mindset. Folly! It’s the math. In football you cannot win if you do not score. I will beat you because my focus is defensive, I will not allow you to score. Look no further than the 2012 BCS National Championship Game for this harsh reality. In this GOP primary run up to the Presidential election I will not allow you 1144 delegates. I will focus my energies on districts and delegates. For Speaker Gingrich it seems the “winner take all states” are left-leaning and prime for the Mittiot’s taking. Why would I “waste” my valuable resources and energies only to come away empty handed? No, someone much more in touch with the entire convoluted conundrum we call primaries can answer this one. They can look at the micro-campaign to glean where the more probable delegates will come from… and get them!

Newt 2012 need only to get to the convention within striking distance of the magic 1144. There his true prowess comes into play, garnering support eye to eye; mano y mano. The end game will not be who can Newt bring over. It will be who is willing to stay aboard a sinking ship? The same “delegate strategy” could be said for the Romney campaign. The glaring difficulty with that scenario is the deflating, humiliating beating the Romney campaign will suffer after having proclaimed the Mittiot’s coronation for the previous eight months. Going into the primaries of June 5th expect the delegate count to be in the neighborhood of the Mittiot’s 690 to Newt’s 640. We will have had two weeks to digest the reality of that figure. Granted Camp Romney will ride into Tampa fresh off the California, New Jersey and Utah wins. And rest assured the legacy media will rail on the results from June 5th, probably something in the way of a Mittiot thrashing of Newt, 240 to 16 delegates, as if the final nail has, at last, been driven into the Newt 2012 coffin. This reliance on perpetuating a fallacy, a proven Alynski tactic, once again fails them. The mere presence of Newton Leroy Gingrich in full armament at the Tampa convention is nightmare personified for the GOP establishment (GOPe). Delegates will flee Romney if only to be seen as joining a winner. That is if the Mittiot does not self destruct in the interim. Simply stand between the Mittiot and the “goal line”.