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The Poor, The Farmer and the Soldier

The Poor, The Farmer and The Soldier
(A Tale of Fifteen Follies)

If you’ve ever had the occasion to watch “WKRP In Cincinnati” perhaps you remember the episode where Gordon “Venus Flytrap” Sims, the “supercool black disc jockey” offered to educate a young black male who seemed hell-bent on wasting away into the drug, gang and hate world of black youth. Venus challenge was for the young man to spend one evening allowing Venus to explain the “Atom” to him. If the concept was beyond him then he was “free” to explore the world of doom he seemed so destined to join. Have a look at that show. It is nothing short of amazing. Venus (Tim Reid) explains the structure of the atom in two minutes. It is episode number 58 of season three, “Venus and the Man”. The Les Nessman critique of the black man in this episode is mind boggling. “Scratch an Allman Brother and you have black”. Credit should be given to the brilliant writer of this episode, Hugh Wilson.

I use this analogy to point out how simple it is to understand, for example, our Executive Branch with its cabinet level departments. The majority of  people you come in contact with not only could not name the cabinet level departments but are mostly unaware of both their existence and functions. Of course those reading this treatise have a vested interest in a more thorough appreciation for these posts.  Let’s look at America through the eyes of The Farmer, The Poor and The Soldier.

You can break our executive branch down into three basic functions; The Poor People, The Industrious Farmers and the Vigilant Soldiers. The enslavement the “poor and down-trodden” with governmental “handout” programs incubated from FDR has become a Democratic phenomenon. This cycle has been perpetuated and indeed honed to an art by liberal socialists to the point where a vast number of Americans cannot imagine life without government “help”. These are the “Poor People” and indeed include the overwhelming majority of Americans. There has been much made here lately of the “1% versus the 99%”; class warfare. I am of the opinion that defining “wealth” is simply a matter of asking yourself, “Can I support myself and family at our current status if my current income disappeared”? If you could march right along, YOU ARE WEALTHY! If not then you are in the ranks of “the rest of us”. You and I must earn a living, provide for our families and hope to achieve a modicum of “comfort”. To some of us that “comfort” is simply keeping the utilities on, food on the table and a tithe. For others it fortunately reaches further. My point is while we live in the greatest country known to mankind we must fight daily to maintain our status. No one said it was going to be easy, there is no free lunch and it’s what you make of it. Some have inherited their “comfort”. Others have been blessed with gifts and talents. But the fact is the majority of us need a “chance” to apply our meagerness in assisting our fellow man through what gifts, talents and skills we have acquired.  We are:
“The Poor”
With regard to our Executive Branch we, “The Poor”, are provided for, look after, nurtured by the departments of Welfare, Schools, Jobs, Houses and Comfort. That is to say we poor people must be “taken care of” in order to go to school, educating ourselves for jobs so we can afford a house with which to raise our families in “comfort”. Here we have the oft abused Democrat Platform, the vicious cycle. These are, of course, the Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor, Housing and Urban Development, and Energy. So why not simply roll these up into “The Department of the Poor”? But where do the services, jobs, houses and comfort come from? Certainly our present Socialist / Marxist regime would have you believe that only government can supply these needs. But you and I and indeed most of thinking America know better. We have lived the American Dream. We have witnessed greatness. We know our great history. These basic necessities emanate from:
“The Farmer”
The Farmer can be viewed as those industrious souls, those with the entrepreneurial drive to risk “comfort” in search of fortune, fame and prosperity. These are akin to Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Eli Whitney, Samuel Colt, Bell and others. Or perhaps you prefer equating these to the likes of Gates and Jobs. However, it is viewed these individuals provide a means for we “Poor” to rise above our meager state. We return to our analogy. We are blessed, bountifully, in this great country with the natural resources with which to thrive. The Land! Were it not for the land in which we live, notwithstanding our precious and providential Constitution, our plight would be likened to those of say, Afghanistan. But we are blessed! The land affords the “Farmer” the “gift” of farmland or fertile soil. This can be viewed as literal farmland but a more appropriate view would be the “fertile soil of industry”. For the farmer to succeed he must rely on his neighbors, the other states of the union. In order for this to perpetuate he needs modes of transportation; highways, railways and airways. This allows for the Farmer to do business, make a profit and share his spoils with the “Poor”.  To prevent unscrupulous dealings or theft we need the Sheriff. Here we have “The Land, The Farmer, The Highway, The Business, The Money and The Law. These are, again, provided for, looked after, nurtured by the departments of The Interior, Agriculture, Transportation, Commerce, Treasury and Justice. Oh my! Can we again eliminate five departments, effectively rolling them into one; “The Department of the Farm”! Now all this would be just rosy if we did not have to concern ourselves with foreign powers that would choose to relieve us of our prosperity. Sworn enemies such as the Islamic world. Enter:
“The Soldier”
We now find ourselves with a dilemma. Each of us must be willing to part with comfort, prosperity, luxury, fortune or fame. Evil must be confronted wherever it exists. To ignore this historically perpetuated demon is to write your own epitaph. This not to say that we as a free people should “meddle” in the sovereign affairs of other countries. I will not here go into the necessities for “providing a common defense” and caring for our Veterans, only acknowledge the paramount importance of it. This is what I will refer to as my “WTF” Department.; War, Terrorist and Foreigners as seen in the Departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security and State. Uh oh! Here I go again! Roll these four departments into one; “WTF” or “The Department of the Soldier”
It is to be understood that the foregoing is a rather simplistic look at our Executive Branch but then we tend to complicate the mundane. This is precisely why an individual such as Herman Cain can rise from relative obscurity to the highest office in this great land. While I am not advocating Mr. Cain’s nomination I am pointing out the “simplicity” of the Executive Branch. Surely if Barrack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, can sit in that office 1826 days, abetted by a complicit Congress, with a willful intent to destroy America as we know it, someone like Herman Cain with a Constitutionally driven Congress to aid him or her could, at the very least, begin the restoration of this great country. In regards to the branches of the Federal Government an obvious overhaul is in order. If you will allow me the three Departments as outlined above, that is the Poor, the Farmer and the Soldier, what we need is for the Federal Government to:
Get out of the way of the “Poor” people! Eliminate all five departments at this Federal level. But oh my! What will “the poor people” do? I venture to say… succeed and that at a high level. Better schools, better jobs, better houses and yes a more “comfortable” lifestyle.
Unshackle the Farmer! Get rid of the taxation and regulatory burdens that serve only to restrict job growth or eliminate jobs all together. But oh my! The wealthy elitist will wantonly destroy the planet in the process! Get over it people. The rich you will always have and man will not destroy this earth. Stop worshipping at the Altar of the Great Green Baal.  Yes man can and does pollute, endanger, and trash his world and must be encouraged to do otherwise. Rational thinking people, Southern Appalachians and indigenous tribes such as the Tsalagi (Cherokee) have long held to these principles of recycling, rationing and reverence for the land and water. We do not require environmental issues forced down our throat. But we can certainly handle these “issues” at the state level.
Set about doing the business of the Federal Government! Act in strict accordance with the enumerated powers granted within our Constitution. That was a period. PERIOD . PER EI OD
Fifteen Departments, Four Trillion Dollars Per Year, Four Million Employees. Seven of these departments created in the last 58 years. And all of these facts and figures escalating. For what? Why? We don’t have simply jobs going overseas, we have industries gone! We must demand fiscal responsibility of our elected officials. No more bailouts, buyouts, earmarks, foreign aid, or United Nations. Defund the likes of National Public Radio, Planned Parenthood, The National Endowment for the Arts. One of the problems with the Federal Government is the “Elephants Nose in the Tent Syndrome”. Once a department, regulation, statute or tax is implemented, forget it! It’s ours for life! Yes, the Post Office Department went away. Go figure. These people are directly in the “Line of Succession” for the Presidency! That’s real folks! Realizing that in the event of the death of the chief executives, the Speaker and Senate pro tempore Congress would move swiftly (how about that for an oxymoron) to remove that cabinet member and  assume the office of the President. But how frightening is a Janet Napolitano Presidency? She’s in line folks.

Barry K. Sanders
December 26th, 2011