The Enemy Within and How to Overcome

Assuming the role of Supreme GOP Strategist, a role self-bequeathed upon Rove and Morris, Camp Mittiot (Media, GOPe and Mittiots) would get the following guidance. Capitalize on every rise your opponents is perceived as gaining. The ripple felt by Santorums Trifecta would go relatively unnoticed were the media not structuring an election and America delirious to fill the ‘Palin Void’. Ask yourself: What happened to Newt post South Carolina? And to Santorum post Trifecta? Why so? What is Camp Mittiots agenda? Who is the target of my enemy’s wrath?

We have a sitting President, albeit illegally, whose days are numbered. Only a complete GOP meltdown or horrific voter fraud will circumvent the inevitable, leaving the GOP nomination tantamount to salvaging a country on the brink of a Totalitarian Socialistic hold. The candidates are the established GOP inheritor, Governor Mitt Romney, former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Congressman Ron Paul and the ‘Palin Void’ crowd, occupied by Rick Santorum the only one of his peers left standing. Right back where we started, pre-primaries, when Bachmann filled the ‘Palin Void’ as the obvious nominee.

My strategy would clearly magnify Santorum wins. Paint Newt as, once again, out of the picture. Direct my electorate to crossover in polling and primaries in fallacious support of the ‘Palin Void’. Were this tactic to prove successful in Georgia I would then dismantle Santorum watching the shell of a candidacy crumble virtually overnight. The media would finish the job for me.

What if the strategy backfired? What if America was presented Rick Santorum as the nominee? Conventional wisdom would have Rick playing the roll of a Dole or McCain with the Sorosian machine devouring him. Ah but I now assume the role of Morris, DNC Savior! Allow Santorum the election with full knowledge he will be the GOP Jimmy Carter personified, ending that nasty element standing in the way of our Socialist Dynasty. Alas! The demise of the GOP! But wait. What about our House and Senate under GOP control. A mere two year nuisance. A Santorum presidency would guarantee a second if not permanent Obammie throne.

America is once again being played the fool by the two national parties. The path is however convoluted this trip as TEA Party involvement has given rise to a more engaged electorate. Is America really this gullible? Dole, McCain, …next? I’d love to think not. Mere days in the offing will tell us not only this answer but the fate of our grandchildrens future. In promoting your candidate what are you turning a blind eye to?

Newt can no longer address those of who “get it”. We are energized and had best disseminate the message. America is clearly at a crossroads. One man will boldly delivery our message and fundamentally change Washington for our good. The man is Newton Leroy Gingrich.


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